Virginie Ledoyen (Bio)

In the Spotlight Since Age 2

Virginie Ledoyen was born, November 15th, 1976 in Aubervilliers, France, the daughter of Bernard, a salesman and Olga, a retauranteur. It has been said that she inherited her unusual eyes from her Spanish grandparents.

Virginie got her first modeling job at age 2 and made several ads when she was only 3. 

She was cast in her first film, an Italian comedy at the age of 9 which was also the year she was enrolled in a performing arts school.  By 11 years old she had also acted on stage as well.

Obviously her talents had been recognized early on.

Breakthrough at 17

Virginie was about 15 years old when she realized that acting would be something she wanted to pursue as an occupation and soon she had earned enough money to get her own apartment.  Her big break in the movies was in 1994 when, at the age of 17, she was in the film Cold Water in which she played a troubled teen.  This lead to even bigger things in the 1995 film Single Girl which received critical acclaim. It was a surprise hit in America, and the New York Times said, in reference to this film, that Virginie had a "natural screen presence." 

Following Single Girl, Virginie received calls from Hollywood including Woody Allen's agent. Up till this point she had yet to make an American movie though she was said to be a fan of Francis Ford Coppola and Stanley Kubrick.

Virginie's biggest break in the American market came with the release of The Beach in February 2000 and this is sure to lead to even bigger and better opportunities. 

Life Away From the Movie Set

When she isn't acting, Virginie loves to read. She is also heavily involved with an organization called 'Pour le Tibet' which provides medical aid to Tibeten centers.  

Virginie's parents are divorced and her mother remarried. Virginie has a brother, Michel.