Shiri Appleby (Bio)

Acting Since She Was Four

Shiri Appleby was born in Los Angeles on Dec. 7 1978, the daughter of Jerry & Dina Appleby. Although it is her recent role as Liz Parker on Roswell which has put her in the spotlight,  she has been acting since age 4. At first this was mainly in commercials for various products including Cheerios and M&Ms.

Many TV parts

In recent years she has been in guest roles on various T.V shows including Doogie Howser, Thirtysomething and, more recently ER and Xens: Warrior Princess.

Her first big film part was in the movie I Love You to Death, starring Kevin Kline and River Phoenix.

Enjoys Simple Pleasures

Apart from her acting career, Shiri is studying English at the University of Southern California although she is apparently taking a break at present presumably to devote more time to her acting career. 

Shiri lives in Calabasas near L.A and says that on the weekend she enjoys driving up to Santa Barbara to go shopping and hang out on the beach there. If you're at the Sunday Hollywood Farmers Market, keep an eye out for Shiri.  She says that she likes to get up early on Sunday and go to the farmers market to buy flowers and cheese. Although she admits she is not athletic, in the past she says she has also enjoyed riding a bike along the beach at Santa Monica.