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Shannon Elizabeth (Bio)

Shannon Elizabeth was born September 7, 1976 in Houston, Texas, the daughter of a Syrian/Lebanese father and a mother also of mixed descent (including Cherokee Indian). She grew up in Waco, Texas.

At the age of 2 she began taking dance classes. In her senior year of high school she went to New York to do modeling photos which led to do some travelling and professional modeling. Shannon graduated high school (Waco High) in 1991.

After her time in New York she spent some time in Miami before going out to L.A where she was picked up by the Ford Modeling agency and later Elite Model Management. After a Taco Bell commercial she picked up some acting roles

Shannon is 5'9" tall and, now 23 years old, is living with her  fiancĂ©e Joe
and seven dogs (Jasper, Amber, Carmen Sacha, Boomer, Six and Skyler). She is said to be a big fan of Prodigy and Garth Brooks. Her favorite actor is Gary Oldman and her favorite actress is  Michelle Pfeiffer.

She says that she likes to watch football and tennis but much prefers to participate than watch.  She enjoys playing tennis and volleyball and she also enjoys rollerblading.

Shannon with her dog Carmen