Hoku (Bio)

Singing and Performing as Long as She Can Remember

Hoku Ho was born June 10th 1981 in Oahu, Hawaii to Don Ho and Patricia Swallie Choy.  The name 'Hoku' means 'Star' in Hawaiian. Of course, now she has certainly lived up to her name, having become one of Hawaii's brightest young stars. 

Hoku's father Don was famous for his song 'Tiny Bubbles' which was a hit in the 1960's.  She often says that she has been singing and performing for as long as she can remember, sharing the stage with her father.

Hoku with her  father Don Ho on Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, 1998.
"When I was a little girl, he would carry me up on stage and stuff. I got my first solo when I was 11 years old but I had been performing with him for years before that, dancing hula and just doing little guest appearances, doing sign language for certain songs and stuff like that"

Hoku attended La Pietra -- Hawaii School for Girls


Hoku was performing with her Dad in Maui when she was approached by songwriter Antonina Armato (who has written for Mariah Carey and Vanessa Williams). Antonina encouraged Hoku to meet record producers in Los Angeles and would later write her fist hit song for her.

Hoku was attending the Christian college Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego last fall when Geffen offered her a contract in October. In october 1999 she signed a three-year, $300,000 recording contract on the Interscope label.  "I've put my original goals of finishing college and recording an album of contemporary Christian music on hold for a while to enjoy this," Hoku said. "I'm ... really enjoying the whole width and breath of this experience: the television, the cameras, the press."

Enjoys Playing Video Games and Sleeping

Hoku at her Manhattan Beach, Calif., home.
What does Hoku like to do when she is not performing? "Mostly I just hang around watching television or playing video games if I'm not sleeping," she said. "I dance all day or I have press or some event to attend. And when I come home I crash big time. But I love it!"

Hoku is seventh of of 10 children that Don has fathered. Hoku is the oldest of 2 by Pattie with whom Don lived for 26 years before they split up in 1997. Hoku's mom lives in Huntington Beach, California. Hoku currently lives in Manhattan beach near L.A but she says she prefers Hawaii.